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[center]After a great start to the week, we had terrible attendance for 3days. Meaning we only got our first tries on this boss tonight. But that wasn't going to stop us! We soon realised this boss was all about the healing, and after a few wipes in phase 2 we fixed our problems. And the boss went down after about 3hours with a messy kill. [/center]


[center]Another week goes by and Yogg is still alluding us. But i believe that we will have him down but the end of this coming reset! Overall Nice Work! And too the slackers, Get Online![/center]

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View the latest post Thorim Shocked and Freya is Pruned


[center]With a very poor raid on Sunday where we kept wiping on Thorim for silly mistakes. We came back on Monday with high hopes and a new look on the fight and killed him pretty quickly. Also for the hard work we where rewarded with another achievement![/center]


[center]We then fought our way to Freya, where 1 ass pull later we found her to be pretty easy. But people liked killing the adds separately, so we made a new tac and kitted some stuff about and she soon went down nice and easy.[/center]


[center]As a reward for the hard work everyone (mostly everyone ;P) have put in, we where also rewarded with our guild's first legendary! Who went to the most deserving Bluefang! Congrats to him.

Another great week of progress! Hopefully next reset will see out first Yogg-Saron Kill! Only 3 bosses left! Nice Work All!

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View the latest post Holdir Shattered and Auriaya Put To Sleep


[center]After clearing all the content we did last week in one night we moved into Ulduar today with good spirits. First target Auriaya! After trying several tactics on the pull we finally got it down and she went down pretty quickly. Unfortunately we forgot to get a kill picture :([/center]

[center]We then strolled our way down the Ice walkway to Holdir. After a few tries several raid members told us to turn on projected textures and then the boss went down with a very clean kill.[/center]


[center]Another great night of progress, Sunday will see even more progress! Nice Work All![/center]

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