Application: Totemaki Dwarf Shaman Restoration Healer - Dark

Application: Totemaki Dwarf Shaman Restoration Healer - Dark

Postby xenofon9 » 17 Mar 2017, 20:14

Character name: Totemaki - Darksorrow
Race and Class: Dwarf Shaman
Main spec and role: Restoration Healer
Dualspec: Elemental

Armory Link: Totemaki

Real name: Xeno
Age: 24
Info about you:
Hello there!
My name is Xeno, and I am 24 years old living currently in the UK. I am originally from Greece, but I have been in the UK for the past ...7 years now.
I started playing wow since the original launch, so that's aboout 8 years now I think.
I played vanilla, TBC, Wotlk and beginning of Cata fully. I then took a break and played on and off MoP and then returned actively towards the end of WoD, so I have a fair experience of the game and how it has evolved through the last decade.

So what am I like as a real person you might ask??? Well! I mechanical engineer and I work as a technical consultant for Oil & Gas companies. I am quite a curious person by nature so I always wanna figure out how things work. Other than working and playing wow I am quite active. I go skiing quite often in the winter and I free-dive during summer. I used to play football in my university's team and I recently picked up Bikram Yoga, which I really enjoy! I am qutie easy going, independent and chilled person.

In WoW I want to maintain a very focused attitude (as much time as my RL commitments can allow). I always want to be performing to a high level. I always like getting critique and feedback about my performance and playstyle. Most importantly I want to be part of a raiding team of mature players, which have a deep understanding of the game, their class and their toolbox of mechanics!

Why are you applying:
It's quite simple actually. My current guild just disband (for numerous reasons such as some people wanted to push hardcore or others just got burned out) and you guys are one of the few guilds on the server that are playing to the upper level that I wanna be in. I also wanna keep a good balance of work/play/social and your raiding schedule does allow me to do so. Having said that, I am a firm believer that each hour that I put into the game I should be achieving 100% of my potential, and that means mythic raiding with super-focused attitude and dedication. I believe that you guys share the exact same attitude and style, so that's why I am now typing this application!

How did you hear about us:
My ex-guildmate Cyanic and

Why should we take u in:
I am a mature and reliable player. I am also a very fast learner. I cannot guarantee that I won't ever make mistakes, but I definetely learn from them very quick, and I am also not afraid to admit them.

I am adaptable to change in every shape or form. such as different boss tactics or changes in specs/talents or playstyle.

During a raid environment I am very focused and can accept critisism.

Working Ventrillo and Mic: yes
Average FPS in Raids: 30-60
Computer specs:
I haven't got a beast but it does the job fine for wow:
-Intel Pentium Aniversary Edition @ 3.2GHz
- MSI GTX960 twin cooled
- 16Gb RAM
- SSD all the way
- Mech keyboard + Razer Naga (will not change this with nothing in the world!!!!)

Raiding experience in WoW:
- Vanilla -
Was qutie young back then But I raided ZG and MC on my warrior

- The Burning Crusade -
Karazhan - main tanked as warrior
GL - main tanked as warrior
Maggy - main tanked as warrior
SSC - Fire mage (Vash killed post-nerf)
TK - Fire mage (Kael'Thas killed post nerf)
BT - Fury warrior
I did not raid SWP at all

- Wrath of the Lich King -
Naxxramas - Fury warr (server first to dual wield Betrayer of Humanities :D)
OS - 4 drakes 10man pre-ulduar
Malygos - (god I loved the fight) fury warrior
Ulduar - Arms/fury warrior including all HMs except Yogg stuff
Trial of the Crusader - 4/5 heroic on fury warrior
ICC - 11/12Heroic on Fury warrior / Disco priest

- Cataclysm -
I played only during the first tier of Cata
BWD: normal on Fury warr / Holy priest
BoT: 2/6 hc on Fury Warrior / Holy priest

- Mist of Pandaria -
Did not play MoP

- Warlords of Draenor -
Returned during the last tier of WoD:
HFC - 12/13M on disc priest / elemental shaman

Guild history:
This goes a long way back now. I will mention the few guilds that I made major contribution in. I was never kicked from a guild for any reason. Usually left due to poor performance or guild disband

TBC - Oneiros (Twillight's Hammer): Mage officer during my time, some raid leads as well. Left as the guild deteriorated before the start of WOTLK
WOTLK: Circle of Light (Twilight's Hammer), Core Raider, left because they decided to change realms and I did not want to follow
WOTLK: End Games (Twillight's Hammer), Core Raider, guild disband during normal progression on ICC
WOTLK: Essential Accenture (Twillight's Hammer), Raider, guild stoped raiding after reaching 11/12Hc ICC
Cata: Last Choice (Twillight's Hammer), Core Raider, guild disband after dispute over raid 1 pulling people off raid 2.
WOD: Firelord (Darksorrow), Officer
Legion: Firelord (Darksorrow), Officer, Left due to slow progression during EN
Legion: Semantics (Darksorrow), Core Raider, guild disband due to some people leaving the game or others wanting to push hardcore

That's it. But feel free to ask more if you want :)

Special Roles in raids:
- Bubble bubble run away during Mythic Archi and tank the fires
- Ulduar leviathan: Special Commando killing turrets
- ICC blood council tanking orbs with shadow priest

Key bindings and rotation:
In general I heal with Clique + Razer Naga. I found this to be the best suiting combo for me.
Most abilities are bound to keys. Not much clicky clicky.

I am a cooldown CANNON! (as every resto shaman)
-You get the grow big from my heroism
-My spirit link saves even the squishiest of tanks during Necrotic
-Helaing tide for those big "Oh shit whole raid is dropping low" moments
-Ress Totem. +1 combat ress. Can't Hurt much
-Hey I can walk and cast! So those chain heals keep bouncing when we have to run on Aluriels' arcane phase!

Screenshot of UI or Video ingame:

Besides raiding in the game I also like doing other stuff such as doing M+ or farming old content for transmog or leveling an alt with friends.

Lastly, I enjoyed the application. You reminded me of the old-school WoW days that applications where extensive and had many questions. This is no longer the case for many guild nowdays. You also made me cast my mind back to the 10 years of playing this game and how awesome this journey has been!!

Opinion on gnomes:
We should have them as pets and send them to the front line when we get cover in the back!

Opinion on Danes:
Didn't Vikings die a long time ago?
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