Application: Silmarilien Night Elf Demon Hunter [DECLINED]

Application: Silmarilien Night Elf Demon Hunter [DECLINED]

Postby Silmarilien » 04 Aug 2017, 19:49

Character name: Silmarilien - Neptulon
Race and Class: Night Elf Demon Hunter
Main spec and role: Havoc DPS
Dualspec: No

Armory Link: Silmarilien

Real name: Dobromir
Age: 21
Info about you:
I am currently a student with major in Computer Science. I love playing, reading(fantasy mostly) and socializing.

Why are you applying:
Well most of my friends were here, Demi especially, who raided with you for quite some time and has said nothing but good things about the guild overall.

How did you hear about us:
TradeChat, Demi.

Why should we take u in:
I am a competitive person both PvP and PvE-wise. I feel like I would be a great addition to the roster when I am needed. I am very critical of myself when I make foolish mistakes or my dps isnt as high as it can possible be and if such is the case probably I will ask to be benched even before you want to bench me.

Working Ventrillo and Mic: yes
Average FPS in Raids: 30-60
Computer specs:

Raiding experience in WoW:
- Vanilla -

- The Burning Crusade -

- Wrath of the Lich King -

- Cataclysm -

- Mist of Pandaria -

- Warlords of Draenor -
12/13 HFC Mythic

Guild history:
Dawn of Glory - The guild kinda fell apart
Brainstorm - I was kicked because I stopped playing a few months ago until very recently. I stopped because the overall toxicity from several players during raiding was unbearable.

I do not know if this is relevant but I will still include it. I was a Duelist in S1 Legion(about 50-60 rating shy of receiving Gladiator). In S2 of legion I finished only with a meagre Rival title because i stopped playing at that time although I had about 2100 in 3s and 2500-2600 in 2s. I had 2100 rating in RBGS yet for some reason didnt get a Guardian of the Alliance achievement.

Special Roles in raids:

Key bindings and rotation:
I have my pots(including health pot), Cooldowns and overall rotational abilities on my keybinds.

1. Cast Nemesis on your primary target, synchronise with Metamorphosis and if possible.
2 .Cast Fel Rush if about to hit 2 charges.
3. Cast Fury of the Illidari.
4. Cast Metamorphosis if available and not active.
5.Cast Chaos Blades.
6. Cast Blade Dance / Death Sweep with First Blood.
7. Cast Felblade if available and more than 30 Fury from your cap.
8. Cast Chaos Strike / Annihilation.
9. Cast Throw Glaive if nothing else is available during empty Globals.

Screenshot of UI or Video ingame:

Concerning the logs, It was in a raid with you when they were recorded and my performance there was abyssmal to say the least. Its not an excuse but I was(am?) still rusty to some extent because I havent played for months. I ask that you do not judge my overall performance by that raid alone and to be given another chance(s).

Opinion on gnomes:
Burn them and boil them ? :D

Opinion on Danes:
Same as other people.
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Re: Application: Silmarilien Night Elf Demon Hunter Havoc DP

Postby Buttrik » 10 Aug 2017, 18:59

Hey and thanks for applying.
Unfortunately we can't offer you a spot at the moment so we decided to decline your application.
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