Examples of Proper Applications

Examples of Proper Applications

Postby Coenani » 18 Nov 2011, 23:18

Since we do get a lot of short and/or uninformative applications, I decided to show a couple of "proper" applications.

Do NOT take these applications as the bible, Quran: they are not like those.
The following posts are just examples of ways to give us the information we need.
Some of them are actually OD'ing us with info, but they do bring the message across.
These applications might be a little bit old, so armoury links/screenshots might be outdated.

What we want in application:

Show dedication
Show that you are willing to go all the way
Show that you know what you are doing
Don't be afraid to show personality!

We don't mind minor flaws. Yes, it will come across as a mistake if you do something wrong, but a good explanation will set things right. If you chose a trinket for a specific reason, say so, especially for situational use.

Without any further ado, I present to you:

The applicants.

Application 1
Application 2
Application 3
Application 4
Application 5
Application 6

Application 1 is a good application because:
    He in very detailed in descriptions of what he does
    Seems to know what he's talking about
    Even prepared offspec gear he wouldn't normally use, made backups incase official sites are down

Application 2 is a good application because:
    Detailed in his description of what he does
    Good explanation of guild history
    Detailed keybindings/rotation

Application 3 is a good application because:
    He provides all the information needed in an easy to read format
    No nonsense, straight to the point

Application 4 is a good application because:
    Good, detailed explanation of guild history
    Detailed rotation and reasoning

Application 5 is a good application because:
    Straight to the point, all info we need is provided

Application 6 is a good application because:
    Initial information is clear
    When asked about something, the response is properly formulated and the applicant seems informed about the issues presented in the question.
    Not afraid to admit flaws, and willing to make them better.
Originally Posted by Mike Morhaime on the Starcraft 2 trailer

For one week. For just one glorious week. You made the Terran Marines beat Justin Bieber.
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Protection Paladin

Postby Coenani » 18 Nov 2011, 23:19

  • Character name:

  • Class/Race:
Human Paladin, Protection specced, for the most righteous look possible! For Lordaeron!

  • Armory link:

Incase Armory is down or wrong gear equipped
The Glyph of Hammer of the Righteous can of course easily be switched for Glyph of Righteousness. The main reason for me still having that current glyph is the fact that it works wonders on Thorim arena and is very useful when mass-pulling in heroics ;)
Reasons for not fully gemming for stamina is basically my reluctance to become a mana-sponge. I know that it gives you healers some extra breathing room, but the only fight where it really "could" make a difference could be NB35 hc, although you can't stop Gormokk from "one-shotting" people. The only viable way to do that would be using damage reducing cooldowns when the tanks are going for their 2nd round of tanking. The Vivid Eye of Zul you see in my belt is because I was lacking hit at that point. Since then I have swapped boots and don't need that extra hit anymore, but I was hoping for another belt to sort that instead of regemming. The extra hit is still helping with threat though, since I am not yet at 7%.

  • Do you have a Mic and Vent?:
Of course, how many times don't you hear my annoying voice on your vent? ;)

  • Do you have a stable connection and computer?
My connection is good, stable, and unlike before, I don't disconnect anymore (unless we are talking very, very heavy AoE fights).

  • Real name:
Coen Zuidervaart

  • Age:

  • Some information regarding yourself:

Starting this year I am a student at the Technical University in Delft, studying Materials Engineering. In my spare time I play hockey (not ice-hockey) and am the captain of my team there. Every now and then I can be found rocking out at Guitar Hero and other games, often playing with a few friends till the early hours of the morning. I live in a small village called Oostvoorne (Netherlands) which is just a stone's-throw away from where Richard lives.

  • Reason why you apply:
As stated further on, I am currently in Vanquish. Although this guild has a really nice atmosphere and I can get along with all the people in there, they just don't seem to be able to perform to the level which I want. It is very annoying to not be able to convince people that banging our heads against the Northern Beasts, when we don't have enough dps, is not going to work. It also surprises me that with our current gear level we only managed to kill Yogg-Saron once and that we aren't able to at least do XT-HM or something else. The fact is that it is not possible to motivate enough people to give it their all and what I know from The Nephilim, is that you guys are able to give it that extra 20% that makes the difference between a wipe and a kill.

  • Raid experience:
Vanilla WoW: No experience

TBC: Raided Karazhan in the beginning of TBC, went social after we killed Gruul with PS. After a while I came back and raided SSC and TK (and a few bosses in MH/BT) with INSANE. I never killed Vashj/Kael before the hp nerf in 3.0, and even at that point I had to go with you guys to kill Vashj (never killed Kael in TBC)

All of what I just said was done on my priest Coenani

In WotLK I raided Naxx, Sarth 3D, Malygos, Everything in Ulduar 25 (barring Algalon and HM's / still need Mimi, Vezaxx, Yogg and Algalon in 10's), TotGC10 up to Anub, TotC25 fully cleared with a couple of tries on NB in TotGC25.

  • Guild history:
Vanilla: A number of leveling guilds not worth mentioning.

TBC: Paradigm Shift, eventually left them because I myself left that I wasn't up to their standard when I came back. I then joined INSANE (progress described above) and eventually left them for you because you said you needed healers when WotLK released.

WotLK: First couple of raids were with you guys, eventually went social because of issues with my parents. After that I decided to join Vanquish a while ago on my paladin, which resulted in all of my alts being kicked. I joined Vanquish because I found the atmosphere here being very bad at that point and I knew a lot of people in Vanquish as well (progress described above).

  • Raiding times:
I basically have not that much to do in my evenings, so I am available from 19:00 upwards till after the raid ends. There are of course going to be occasions where I cannot make it at certain dates, referring to weeks full of exams etc.

  • Why should we take you in?:
So I herd you liek mudkipz? I haz them.
In all seriousness, if you accept me, you get a protection paladin, which I think you are lacking at the moment. You also gain a player who is willing to take it to the limit, tries to help out guildies and also knows how to have fun while being serious. I am not a player who forgets his consumables, slacks an absurd amount or comes to a raid unprepared

  • Are you applying at another guild? if so, which one?
I am not applying to any other guild at the moment, nor do I intend to.

  • What is your Dual Spec? And do you have gear for it to be Raid viable?
I normally roll with a ret dual spec, which at the moment is still a PvP spec. However, if I am to be accepted here, I wouldn't mind changing it to a normal PvE-spec. As for if the gear is up to date to raid level, I will let you paladins decide. It isn't the shabbiest, but so far I have been unlucky with weapon drops (damn you Machmud!). PvPing for a weapon also isnt working out the way I hoped :p. The PvP gear (boots and legs) is better than the other options I had, so that's why I am using those. Recently passed the Legguards of Ascension to a fellow tank though, since he had worse legplates.
Ret gear

Since this section seems like the right one to put it in, I'll also post a link to my blockset, which comes in handy while tanking adds, say Anub'arak, and allows me to drop my stamina while taking a lot less damage. This way I make it easier for the healers and also reduce the amount of healing Anub'arak gets through Leeching Swarm in P3. To further improve this set I have been trying to get the Unbreakable Chestguard from Auriaya and the Conqueror's Aegis Shoulderguards from Yogg-Saron, but they have eluded me so far (the Yogg-Saron shoulders might be partially due to the fact that I only killed him once :S). Another item is Bindings of the Hapless Prey , which drop in Naxx (the reason why I haven't been that keen on getting them). Part of this set was also being created with Anub hc (25) in mind (solo tanking the adds), which requires a tank to be passively unhittable. Still working on some pieces for that.
Example of how good it works: Link The DK was on 2 adds, me on 2 others. He died right as leeching swarm popped.
Block gearset

Although I have no real intentions of healing on my paladin, I thought I'd just add it for the sake of making the list really complete. As you can see, it's a mix of... all kind of things. Gemming is bad, barely any enchants and I know it. It is just all the pieces I happened to have picked up, when no other paladin/shaman wanted them, thrown together and jammed full with the gems I happened to have lying around. If you want me to properly socket/enchant this set, I will. Just to warn you though, I healed a total of... wait for it.... 4!! dungeons on my paladin. In other words, my healing experience with my paladin is bad. Btw Awen, I'm ready for the criticism you had in Dalaran, bring it on! Throw it all out to your heart's content. ;) About trinkets, also have Ancient Pickled Egg which can change the DMC:I.
Holy gearset

  • Please provide us with a screenshot of your UI, while in a raid situation. Also tell us about your keybinds


That's the basic SS for me when in protection gear/spec. Don't have one from TotC or something, so that is annoying, but I hope this is enough.
Keybinds should be clear from the screenshot.
Basically 1-4 with modifiers, R and F with modifiers, m4, m5 scroll up and down, all with modifiers. Q, E, and Shift+Q or E are used for 3 quick marks and a clear.

Small list of addons: PallyPower, DBM, Omen, Bartender, Shadowed UF, Tankadin 2, Closetgnome, PowerAuras, Quartz, Aloft, ForteXorcist, Grid, MSBT, Ora2, RaidCooldowns, Ratingbuster
Code: Select all
/cast [target=mouseover] Hand of Salvation

That is the standard macro for all my mouseover macro's, being used for HoSalv, HoP, HoSac, FoL, HL, SS. The ? at MB5 is my Healthstone macro, which I used to have for when you could have multiple healthstones, now I just leave it on there, since it still does the job.
Code: Select all
/use Fel Healthstone

You might also note the Leeroy Jenkins macro, which is just for entertainment purposes, and the Consume macro, for HC DTK (Trollgore Achievement)
And not to forget, the most important macro of all:
Code: Select all
 /castsequence reset=3600 Divine Shield, Hearthstone

The macro itself says it all ;)
The ShoR macro is for using trinkets when I use it. Since I don't have on use trinkets in my normal tanking gear, this only works in my block set, where it automatically activates my block trinkets.
Also, the Avenging Wrath macro is oen that plays a sounds file when I activate it, so just for entertainment purposes as well.

  • And last; what is your professional opinion on Gnomes?: :mrgreen:

Hmmm, I used to like them, but not too long ago I started disliking a certain gnome, which changed my whole point of few on them. Nowadays I see them more as the little punting machines that they are. And although I play hockey now, it doesn't do any harm practicing my kicks every now and then.

ps. Sorry for the wall of text xD
Originally Posted by Mike Morhaime on the Starcraft 2 trailer

For one week. For just one glorious week. You made the Terran Marines beat Justin Bieber.
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Resto Druid

Postby Coenani » 18 Nov 2011, 23:20

Charname, Spec Class

Character applying: [armory loc="eu,Neptulon"]Stal[/armory]
Raid role: Healer, mainly raidhealing.
Dual Spec: Not worth mentioning, but I do have geared alts that I can use as stand-ins should a fight require a different raidsetup.
Professions: Stal has Herbalism and JC in the progress. I do however have tailoring, enchanting, engineering, mining and alchemy on various level 80 alts.

Real name: Nicholas
Age: 18
Some information regarding yourself: My name is Nicholas and I'm a guy from Denmark. As a gamer at heart I enjoy most kind of games and strife to be able to put just about every classic game on my “gamer CV” it adds to my “professional pride” and to some extent satisfies my curiosity for games. I have been playing WoW for the last 4.5 years and still enjoy its social elements as well as the gameplay. I'm currently having a break from education and therefore got a lot of spare time on my hands, which in most cases is spent on my computer. I got a general interet in many things incl but not limited to, gaming, music, philosophy, mathematics and theology (and no; I'm not religious!)

Why are you applying?: I've heard a bit about you, mainly from your own recruitment messages, but it seems you got the hang of raiding and that you're now in a position, where you need members, including a Resto druid. In short I'm applying both because I'd like to be part of a working raid setup and to meet new people. Raiding is a fine way to get to know each other, especially in WoW.

Why should we take you in?: Because I can be your druid, I'm confident that I can fill a raid healer spot to such an extent that you will consider that spot taken as long as necessary. I'm a math student, hence I can be very geeky, juggling numbers and maximizing my output, efficiency, anything just for amusement of it and because I like numbers and working with it.

Raid experience:

Molten Core and Zul'Gurub, Spinebreaker was once a “Spanish server” since everyone was Spanish, when they moved the server was left empty. UEP, my spinebreaker guild did Hakkar and Ragnaros server first after this.

TBC: karazhan and Gruul's lair

Naxx 10 and 25 full clear
Ulduar 10 and 25 Full clear with some advanced achievements.
TotC 10 and 25 Full clear
TotGC 25 2/5
ICC 10 8/12
ICC 25 9/12
OS 3D 10 and 25, EoE, VoA

Guild history:

Vanilla: (Sylvanas; Horde Spinebreaker; Horde))
UEP, as the only one. Even though I played quite a while in vanilla, I didn't think of it as a lasting game and therefore didn't had much engagement in guilds and raids. I honestly can't remember the guilds I was in and if some of you can do a little math, you might understand why given the lifespan of the game and my current age.

TBC:(Spinebreaker realm; horde)
Two guilds are worth mentioning from my time in TBC, one is The Guardians of destruction, the other is Original Sin. Keep in mind that I was casual during the entire length of TBC and didn't do much raiding.

GoD (Guardians of destruction)
A Guild I joined around 70 as a freshly leveled Blood elf paladin, it was a casual guild and I made many friends, whom I grief I didn't keep contact with. I was promoted to officer in that guild, despite the lack of anything needing actual management.
I took a break from WoW and once I had returned GoD was no more and only a handful of my friends had stayed on Spinebreaker.

OS (Original Sin)
Spinebreaker's top guild during TBC, Extremely hardcore and completely officer controlled, they were very disliked by the players of Spinebreaker, both because of their outwards attitude and their progress which put every other established guild on the server to shame. I was a social and only did a few casual runs and stand-ins whenever a paladin was needed. OS disbanded and the leadership moved to another realm.

WotLK: (Spinebreaker; Horde. Scarshield Legion; Alliance. Neptulon; Alliance)
Slayers Brotherhood
A casual guild with which I conquered both Naxx and Ulduar, both as a raider and raidleader (It had no established chain of command). The time in Slayers was gold and Ulduar 10m was perfectly scaled to our raiding strengths. A couple of RL friends left the guild in search for more hardcore raiding environment, keeping contact to our fellow slayers, you could say we never actually left.

Reborn was hardcore guild, I they ranked 3000 world wide when I joined them, I left because Ulduar and TotC became boring and I was competing with two other retribution paladins. The social in Reborn wasn't lacking, it was filled and didn't have much room for another participant.

Elegantly wasted
With my Transfer to Scarshield I out my trusty Paladin on the shelf and rerolled a mage. Scarshield legion being a RP/PvP server isn't very devolved PvE-wise. So out of that came Elegantly Wasted , my own guild, which I made with two of my friends, whom had also transfered to neptulon with me. It was a thing we did to kill some time on Scarshield. We steamrolled 1st quarter of ICC like most other guilds and disbanded when we transferred to Neptulon. If you're familiar with INXS, you'll notice that this guild has a thing in common with our previous guild Original Sin, both of which are names of INXS songs.

My playstyle, gameplay and PoV on my character:

UI: http://img682.imageshack.us/img682/7672/nepss.jpg
The UI is my own and I have configured almost everything in it myself.

Druid: A druid is an excellent raid healer and we hold a niche of healing that is almost irreplaceable, the raid stability by rejuv blanketing from one or preferably two druids is something that is noticeable in a raid and due to this 2 resto druid in a 25m is a widely accepted and often used raid healer setup. HoTs is in the category of proactive heals, preferably a druid should be able to predict incoming raid dmg and have hots on them - before it happens. A single hot or two will by no means save someone from death, but will very likely prevent players from reaching a point, where death is imminent or another have to resort to reactive heals, a numerous times during an encounter. Another very important aspect of druid healing is Revitalize - Your Rejuvenation and Wild Growth spells have a 15% chance to restore 8 Energy, 4 Rage, 1% Mana or 16 Runic Power per tick. A typical Druid can Keep rejuvs on 12-13 players as well as Wild growth covering an additional 6 players. On fights like BQL, this can add that additional resource the DPS needs.

If I should summarize Druid healing. Be proactive, but do not shy from reactive healing. Overhealing is not necessarily bad, but it's the sideeffect of the very aggressive healing nature of druids, You WILL steal the others healers efficient healing, but it's all in the interest of keeping everyone alive.

In response to the notion of our rotation, theoretically our maximum HPS is the 5x1; 5 rejuv's and 1 Wild growth. But the incoming raid dmg can be unforeseeable and varies from fight to fight and even phase to phase, so naturally healing is not done in rotations. Except perhaps on BQL where raiddmg is consistent and heavy.

Post your keybindings and rotation:
1 – Rejuvenation 2 - Regrowth 3 – Nourish 4 – Wild growth
5 – Innervate q – Abolish Poison shift-q – remove Curse e - Swiftmend
r – Lifebloom c – Wrath v – Rebirth ctrl-v - Revive
shift-c – Moonfire f – Cyclone shift-f – Entangling Roots
g – Nature's swiftness + healing touch macro h – Tranq ½ - Barkskin
shift-½ – Nature's Grasp f1 – Tree Form
f2 – Cat form ( 1 thru 5 is bound to Dash for easy dash lol )
f3 – Travel form macro ( incl. Swimming form and flying.

And last; What is your professional opinion on gnomes?:


Do you have a working mic and the latest version of Vent? Yes, i do !

How did you hear about us? I saw your recruitment message in trade and it smelled like potential, despite your recent arrival on Neptulon and probably somewhat diminished rooster.

Are you applying to another guild at the moment? Of course not, Tunnelvision is allowed when seeking guilds :p

When can u raid? (we raid 19:30 till 24:00, mon/wed/thu/sun): This looks like a rhetorical question or at least you somewhat state the answer in the sentence, I think the answer would be: Yes, the raidtimes fit my schedule .

I hope you can accept that I changed your template a bit to fit what I wanted my apply to mirror.

Originally Posted by Mike Morhaime on the Starcraft 2 trailer

For one week. For just one glorious week. You made the Terran Marines beat Justin Bieber.
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Postby Coenani » 18 Nov 2011, 23:21

Charname, Spec Class Buttrik, Survival Hunter
Character applying: [armory loc="eu,Neptulon"]Buttrik[/armory]
Raid role: dps
Dual Spec, and is it raid viable?: BM atm for some soloing I did but I usually play around a bit with my 2nd spec, since i don't do pvp.
Professions: Skinning 450, LW 446 (stopped levelling it since I'm thinking about ditching it for something else)

Do you have a working mic and the latest version of Vent? I have a headset with mic yes, and can easily get vent, any version you'd like.

Real name: Magnus
Age: 31
Some information regarding yourself: I'm from sweden, started playing wow in august last year (yup, I'm still a freshie) after some convincing from my friends (who will also apply btw). I have two alts, one disc priest (lv52) and one prot pala (lvl 43) that I created just to get some sense of the healing and tanking aspects of the game.

Why are you applying?: Because since the start of my WoW-career I've been in a guild cosisting of 4 IRL friends (one of which has been in china for the last 6 months) so guildruns have been kind of out of the question. Hence I have been restricted to pugs for gear/progress, and in the long run that's pretty tedious. So basically I want to raid with ppl who won't leave after first wipe and won't whine over loot/rolls, and last but not least with ppl who won't ninja stuff.
How did you hear about us?: Someone wrote about you in the Trade-channel (or Dalaran-general) and linked to your website.
Why should we take u in?: Because I am eager to progress in icc, I always do my best, I am patient and a fast learner. I also know my spec like the palm of my hand and will be an asset to any raid who takes me along.
Are you applying to another guild at the moment? (if yes, which): Nope, no other. My current guild have been thinking about either finding new ppl or merging with another guild, but joining an existing sounds like a better idea atm.

Raid experience:
Vanilla: didn't play during vanilla
TBC: didn't play during tbc either
WotLK: totc10/25 cleared and 4/5 in totgc10. 5/12 in icc25 and 6/12 in icc10. Also have experience from professor and valithria. Done most of naxx and a little bit of Ulduar, but when I started playing WoW totc was what most ppl were primarily doing.

Guild history:
Vanilla: none
TBC: none
WotLK: Job Eat Wow Sleep, a group of IRL friends, so no raiding.

When can u raid? (we raid 19:30 till 24:00, mon/wed/thu/sun): I never work later than 18.15 so I can join most of those raids. Ofc sometimes RL calls for one's attention, but it shouldn't be the slightest of problem. Right now I always do the daily random HC, and I do VoA10+25, totc25 and icc10+25 every week, no exceptions.

Post your keybindings and rotation: As a SV hunter I don't have a rotation per se. I have more of a priority-list. Explosive Shot -> Black Arrow -> Aimed Shot -> Steady Shot. And always keep a Serpent Sting on the target and use Kill Shot whenever available. Same goes for Kill Command and Rapid fire who both are on rather big CDs. Sometimes if the fight allows it I drop a trap now and then to get Lock and Load to proc faster.
Post your ingame screenshot (Preferably in a raid situation): Don't think I have a screenshot from a raid at the moment, but I can get one next time I raid. Any particular things I should think about?

And last; What is your professional opinion on gnomes?: Hmmm, they are cute and look funny on mounts :) Maybe I'll get one as my next pet.
Originally Posted by Mike Morhaime on the Starcraft 2 trailer

For one week. For just one glorious week. You made the Terran Marines beat Justin Bieber.
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Elemental Shaman

Postby Coenani » 18 Nov 2011, 23:28

(Twilight Vanquisher) Chiian, Elemental (57/14/0) Shaman
Character applying: [recruit]Chiian[/recruit]
Raid role: Ranged Damage Dealer
Dual Spec, and is it raid viable?: Short question, complicated answer. The spec I am applying for in question is, however my dual spec is variable according to taste. At the moment my secondary spec is PvP Elemental (53/18/0) for leisure purposes, but I am known to switch on a complete whim to my Restoration and Enhancement specs as well. Both of which I am adequately geared for.
Professions: 455 Jewelcrafting, (An array of epic recipies available, however not all); 450 Mining.

Do you have a working mic and the latest version of Vent? Yep!

Real name: Dean Shanghanoo Syaming Li
Age: 25
Some information regarding yourself: At the cusp of a rather large career change. I spent most of my early working years working as a Freelance Graphic Designer, working for various Computer Game companies in various aspects. As a result spent most of my years working largely from home and travelling the world, and as such have worked for the like of SEGASammy, Sony and Activision to name but a few. At the moment, I am currently studying to be a tattoo artist (I know, right?) and will start working as an apprentice for a tattoo studio in London, England at the end of this year. As you may have guessed, I enjoy Computer Games as it has always been a passion of mine. My favourite franchise is Sonic the Hedgehog, and (obviously) World of Warcraft, which I have been playing since Beta. Outside of gaming, my other hobbies include Karate, Skateboarding, Rollerblading and drinking my friends under the table. (It's a dirty job, but someone's gotta do it, right?)

Why are you applying?: Finality. I have to say that Wrath of the Lich King has brought a multitude of complications and frustrations for me. As much as I do appreciate that Blizzard have attempted to make this game more accessible to the casual player, this has brought a number of problems in a. Forming a guild and b. Finding people of the appropriate skill levels to sit still for more than a couple of hours at a time in order to finish anything of merit. After having not raided in a guilded environment properly since The Burning Crusade, and spending far too much time floating on the rugged, horrible Open Sea that is PUGging, I finally decided that I'd had enough, and that it was high time that I attempted to join a guild with like-minded, focussed individuals who actually know how to play, and can play appropriate to my skill level. I created Chiian for a specific purpose, and I would very much like to utilise her before her gear becomes completely obsolete and lo' and behold~ it's time for levelling up in Cataclysm.
How did you hear about us?: After a couple of weeks of apathy, I decided to mildly sell myself in the trade channel (This morning, in fact) and was approached by one of your lovely members, who suggested that I make an application. I did- later on- pug with Xyndriella (who by the sounds of things, is someone's alt~!) in an ICC10, who also suggested (probably after seeing performance or something, this I am not sure of) that I make an application. I decided then that the matter was settled.
Why should we take u in?: ...How to answer this without sounding cocky. I don't think I can, but before I do answer this, I want to make sure that you all know that I am not a hard-headed shauvanist who sees OMGNUMBERS and thinks he's the absolute bee-knees. I'm not, but I am aware of what I'm capable of. Basically, to show you that Shamans can actually DPS. It doesn't have to be with axes, and they don't all have to heal to be useful. If anything duting my time I feel that Shamans have been very, very poorly represented, and that's not down to the fault of the spec, not at all, it's simply been down to the people who play them. I've seen so many awful, awful Shamans in very good guilds and it's not just offering you several thousand dps whilst providing totems and standing on the spot throwing Lightning Bolts until my fingers fall off. I'm a situational dps'er. I can move, react adjust and tune my damage where possible so that I am always giving my maximum available dps. I am an avid fisher...aenei, and can provide food for the raid, I'm always flasked up and ready to go, I'm nearly always read-up- if in the unlikely event that I am not, I'm a very faster learner thanks to my adaptability- and I have good and well-timed sense of humor, which... I believe helps.
Are you applying to another guild at the moment? (if yes, which): No.

Raid experience:
Vanilla: Vanilla was played as a Hunter called Aerylissa. Jumped straight into Blackwing lair at Lv.60 as a puller/DPS, and then backtracked to MC (and Onyxia) afterward. AQ40 was played up to twins unti the Guildbreaker... Well, guild broke us, and very minimal Naxx Experience. On the Horde side of things, I played a Rogue called (then) Taerein, who completed all content.
TBC: Burning Crusade saw two class switches: I started as a Draenei Mage called Hirame, who's progress was Kara 12/12 (Which I ended up finishing as 4 different level 70s thanks to boredom), Magtheridon, Gruuls Lair, SSC 5/6 (damn lack of organisation stalled us here), TK 4/4, HS 4/5... And that's where she stops. I started to have issues in the current guild I was in and subsequently this is where my raiding stopped. During this, I was in the middle of switching classes. This is where Chiian was born (Restoration at the time) Magtheridon, Gruuls, SSC 5/6, TK 1/4 was as much as she managed, as she was very much my alt at the time.
WotLK: Wrath has been... Hairy for me. But considering I haven't had a stable guild throughout, I haven't done all too badly. This progress is of course very much Chiian-focussed: Naxx: 15/15 (10; 3/15 25 sadly~), Maly, OS 10&25, Ulduar 3/14 10, TotC 5/5 10&25, TotGC 1/5 10, Onyxia 10/25, ICC 10 10/12, ICC 25 6/12, ICC 10hc 1/12. All as elemental spec, though I have healed the occassional TotC and Naxx as Restoration.

Guild history:
Vanilla: The Big Ones. Which later during Vanilla was reformed under the name Broken. I was Hunter Class Captain during Vanilla.
TBC: Still very much Broken, where I changed from Hunter Class captain to Mage/Magic DPS Captain on Class switch. I then left as raiding had reached a very stagnant point, and wanted to move further. I did this under the guild CTSamurai, where I raided SSC and beyond with Hirame and Chiian. Just as the Burning Crusade was coming to an end, disputes with guild members caused me to leave, and I spent the last few weeks of the expansion PvP'ing.
WotLK: Nothing to note in Wrath of the Lich King~ I spent a brief time raiding Naxx with Volcano Legion, and have been with several, non-important guilds ever since. The only ones of note would be Furious Angels (which I keep for my alts), and Die Harder (which was bloody awful. Think 2-3 raid members boosting a 10-man ICC and you've pretty much got an idea of what I'm talking about.)

When can u raid? (we raid 19:30 till 24:00, mon/wed/thu/sun): That's a pretty healthy start time, so I can raid all of those. In the (unlikely) event that I can't- seeing as I am just spending my days working on my portfolio from home- you will be dually notified.

Post your keybindings and rotation: Keybindings? Sure. 1= Elemental Mastery; 2= Flame Shock; 3= Lava Burst; 4= Chain Lightning; 5= Lightning Bolt; 6= Fire Nova; 7= Thunderstorm~ So on, so forth. So many buttons... So... many buttons. But those are the main damage keys. I do also believe that the screenshots I'm about to supply are missing a few bindings as this was taken shortly after my UI overhaul (which was FAR too cluttered.)

...Couldn't help but notice the rotation portion of the question though. Truth be told, I don't believe in rotations. I believe in a set of guidelines that I must adhere to in order to make sure that my damage- sure- is running at the absolute minimum that it should run at, but what buttons I'm pressing are largely down to what's sitting in front of me, whether or not I have to move, etc etc. For example; Flame Shock is up at all times, ticking on multiple targets where possible. Flame Shock > Lava Burst > Chain Lightning > Lightning Bolt to start is an absolute given, anything outside of that; If there are more than 3 mobs, Magma Totem goes down, Chain Lightning becomes heavy on the damage role, weaved carefully in between Novas and the usual damage rolloutt to start racking up the damage. On single targets, Chain Lightning obviously takes less precedence. The frequency of the use of Chain Lightning thereafter is largely dependant on raid mana regen, the amount of haste flying about the raid, so on and so forth.
Post your ingame screenshot (Preferably in a raid situation):
Thanks to my little webhost purge, this is the best I could manage; I'm using Grid as a Raid overview on the far left hand side, and the order of some of the buttons have since changed to maximise functionality. http://www.astralspark.net/images/WoW/WoWScrnShot_050110_061120.jpg, http://www.astralspark.net/images/WoW/WoWScrnShot_050110_061223.jpg

And last; What is your professional opinion on gnomes?: Now that's a ridiculously hard question in the scope of things. I personally believe that even though the role of gnomes have been deliberated by many great philosophers over manay a generation, I believe that our less-than-simple, height-challenged kin are useful for many things. Bookends, Doorstops, A place to rest your spellbook or pint, a Rainhat, a Sweatband, and, as I have recently discovered, extremely useful for throwing at seemingly broken objects in order to fix them. Whether that is down to their engineering expertise, or the fact that their little craniums managed to hit that widget at high speed at just the right angle is purely up for speculation.
Originally Posted by Mike Morhaime on the Starcraft 2 trailer

For one week. For just one glorious week. You made the Terran Marines beat Justin Bieber.
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Shadow Priest

Postby Coenani » 18 Nov 2011, 23:30

Charname, Spec Class
Character applying:[recruit]Dorotheus[/recruit]
Raid role: Dps
Dual Spec, and is it raid viable?:Currently, my offspec is heal pve, but till now i've only used it a few times for hc runs, not in raid, just to get used in to heal stuff. Tbh, i got it on my mind to have an alternative shadow offspecc (some changes on talent trees than i use atm)
Professions:Tailoring/Enchanting (450 both)

Do you have a working mic and the latest version of Vent?Yes i do.

Real name:George

Some information regarding yourself:I'm working in architectural office and i usually spend my free time on having fun with friends,drinking,watching football,listening rock music etc.

Why are you applying?: The last 2-3 weeks, there was no progress with my form guild, since we lacked ppl (less sign ups) to do tries on LK 25 man. As a result,most raiders quited (there was nothing else to do than farming till Sindragosa). I left too,last week, cause i wanted to find a new guild to meet my demands and move on further on ICC 25man.

How did you hear about us?:Noticed on the trade channel your recruitment info and then i had a cnversation with Kngrichard.

Why should we take u in?: I'm mature enough, social, funny guy and if you decide to accept me, i will do my best to help you with your further progress, being as much active as possible.

Are you applying to another guild at the moment? (if yes, which):No.

Raid experience:
Vanilla: None
TBC: I didn't have the change to join a core/progressive guild, so i managed to raid only on Karazhan,TK,Gruul, Magtheridon's Lair. Then i had to stop since i joined army.
WotLK: I restarted kinda late, about 4 months ago, soi skipped raids like Naxx, Ulduar, Malygos (Ofc i've done a few runs with my form guilds and managed to kill some bosses). Till now my experience has to do with Voa10/25, Totc10/25(cleared), Totgc10 (cleared), Totgc25(1/5), ICC 10 (cleared), ICC10 hc (9/12, i miss PP, Sindragosa and LK kills), ICC25 (11/12).

Guild history:
Vanilla: None
TBC: Greek Knights, Prepared
WotLK: Raging Knights, CoX

When can u raid? (we raid 19:30 till 24:00, mon/wed/thu/sun): I can be active for every single raid day, since i finish my job in about 16:00, so i have the required free time to be online. For any reason that i won't be able to attend a raid, it will be only for serious things (rl priorities) and i will inform you about that,in any case.

Post your keybindings and rotation: 1-Vampiric Touch, 2-Devouring Plague, 3-Mind Flay, 4-SW Pain, 5-Mind Blast, F1-Shadowfiend, F2-Mind Sear,middle mouse button : PW shield. My opening rotation is actually VT-DP-MF(3 ticks)-SW pain (after aquiring 5 stacks of shadowweaving)-MB and Shadowfiend. Spamming all the time MF when DoTs are up and MB when needed for the replenishment thing.

Post your ingame screenshot (Preferably in a raid situation): http://img101.imageshack.us/img101/8360/epicm.jpg" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

And last; What is your professional opinion on gnomes?:
They can be ugly and cute at the same time :shock:
Originally Posted by Mike Morhaime on the Starcraft 2 trailer

For one week. For just one glorious week. You made the Terran Marines beat Justin Bieber.
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Re: Examples of Proper Application

Postby Coenani » 18 Nov 2011, 23:33

Charname, Spec Class
Character applying: [recruit loc="eu,Neptulon"]Zackie[/recruit])
Raid role: Damage Dealer
Dual Spec, and is it raid viable?: Current offspec is pvp, although I've been planning to go combat for a while now, have 264/277 weapons in bank but I'm waiting for DBW trinket, since I feel my DPS will be reduced if I go combat without it. However, if you feel it's better, I will respec asap.
Professions: Enchanting and Jewelcrafting, both at 450.

Do you have a working mic and the latest version of Vent? Yes.

Real name: John (the greek version of it).
Some information regarding yourself: Studying Electronic and Computer Engineering in the National Technical University of Athens. I usually spend my free time going out, playing basketball/football, listening to music etc.

Why are you applying?: I haven't been in a good and well-organised raiding guild for a while now, and I kinda miss that, grew sick of pugs and I really wanna experience all end-game content.
How did you hear about us?: I've been hearing a lot of good things for your guild since you transfered here and I recently saw your ad on trade channel.
Why should we take u in?: I am able to give 100% while raiding, strive for progress and feel like I have adequate knowledge of my class. I hope we can work together well.
Are you applying to another guild at the moment? (if yes, which): No.

Raid experience:
Vanilla: Everything up to Twins in AQ40 and a couple of bosses in old-Naxx.
TBC: Kara, Gruul and some Maggie/SSC tries.
WotLK: Cleared Naxx 10/25, Ulduar 10/25 up to keepers, cleared normal modes of TotC 10/25. In Icc, have 11/12 on 10 man and some decent tries on LK. 6/12 on 25 man. Only cleared gunship on both heroic modes, tho I am aware of the normal/heroic differences on most fights.

Guild history:
Vanilla: Dark Myth.
TBC: Xplicit (which was new Dark Myth) until it disbanded because most core players quited WoW.
WotLK: Wasn't in any raiding guild. Recently tried to start one called Adventure Time with some friends, did 11/12 on 10 man with it, but we stopped raiding last week since most players left/quited WoW.

When can u raid? (we raid 19:30 till 24:00, mon/wed/thu/sun): Days are perfect for me since I'm usually going out on Friday/Saturday, start time is fine and i don't have any problems with end time, can stay even longer.

Post your keybindings and rotation: 1-Mutilate, 2-Rupture, 3-Envenom, 4-TotT, SnD is bound to (T). Rotation is pretty simple for assass rogues tbh, just pop SnD in the beginning and take turns using envenom/rupture, main aim is to have rupture up at all times, don't let SnD fade. TotTing tank/other dps (depending on fight stage) on cd, HfB up at all times.
Post your ingame screenshot (Preferably in a raid situation): http://img24.imageshack.us/img24/5963/p ... erface.jpg" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
And last; What is your professional opinion on gnomes?: Gnomes are short enough not to cause me any problems.

Thanks in advance for any time u might put into this app, im looking forward to hear from you guys.

Richard wrote:Hello Zackie,

I like your application but I've got a few questions.

Your mutilate gear / spec look fine. Although you should really consider taking TotT glyps over Fok. And see where hast can benefit you for set bonuses. Haste + Bonus is often better than pure AP. Although atm we need another combat rogue. So I want to ask you, how would your combat spec look like. Feel free to link to a wowhead template. How would you gem your gear for combat? And what gear would you replace if applicable.

Also your UI is pretty simple and I'm missing hotkeys for (speed)pottions / healthstones and cloak. Why is this?


Zackie wrote:Hello Richard, and thanks for your time.

Aight, first of all, bindings are a bit messed up cause i recently reseted em and I only refreshed essential ones. Interface is a bit plain since I don't really like it to be heavy, pref using just the addons needed for raiding.

As I said, I already have good weaps for combat and it's pretty easy for me to respec, been saving triumph emblems/honor and i can get and cut the gems easily. My spec would probably look like this:
http://eu.wowarmory.com/talent-calc.xml ... 0000000000" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

I'd gem for pure ar pen, as long as im over hit/exp caps. Can replace cloak with the Frost emblems one that gives ar pen, gloves as well, and any ar pen drop i might get, can't think of any other easily obtainable upgrade atm.

Edit: Here's a template: http://www.wowhead.com/profile=21393372" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false; (that's If i buy gloves and cloak, currently have 72 emblems).
Originally Posted by Mike Morhaime on the Starcraft 2 trailer

For one week. For just one glorious week. You made the Terran Marines beat Justin Bieber.
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