Application: Exzera Human Mage Fire Damage [DECLINED]

Application: Exzera Human Mage Fire Damage [DECLINED]

Postby Exzera » 04 Oct 2016, 02:22

Character name: Exzera - Darksorrow
Race and Class: Human Mage
Main spec and role: Fire Damage
Dualspec: Arcane I assume

Armory Link: Exzera

Real name: Niclas
Age: 22
Info about you:
A guy that loves gaming aswell as playing football/training and hang out with friends and meet new people.

Why are you applying:
I'm looking for a new guild that I can keep progressing and enjoy the raids with

How did you hear about us:
I looked after guilds on wowprogress since I need a new one..

Why should we take u in:
I would bring you a very dedicated mage, allways trying to improve and learn new things in the game.

Working Ventrillo and Mic: yes
Average FPS in Raids: 60+
Computer specs:
Middle of the night sorry, but no lagg issues at all

Raiding experience in WoW:
- Vanilla -

- The Burning Crusade -

- Wrath of the Lich King -
ICC 11/12 hc

- Cataclysm -
Firelands 6/7 HC (so close for Rag rip)
BoT 3/4 HC
BWD 5/6 HC
Winds 1/2 HC
DS 6/8 HC

- Mist of Pandaria -
Didn't really raid alot

- Warlords of Draenor -
Got 7/7 HC HM first week but slowed down to play with my friends

Guild history:
I'm currently in Resurgence but they couldn't give me a spot in the end due to alot of mages

Special Roles in raids:

Key bindings and rotation:
Got my keybinds set, "pyro-fishing" it's a rotation depending a bit on procs

Screenshot of UI or Video ingame: [url][/url]

I'm very tired writting this so if you have any questions for me just ask, sorry about this..

Opinion on gnomes:
I love gnomes, sadly I'm a human now so do whatever you would like to do with them! They are welcome to role with me

Opinion on Danes:
They are decent ;)
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Re: Application: Exzera Human Mage Fire Damage - Darksorrow

Postby Buttrik » 07 Oct 2016, 18:33

Hi and thank you for applying. At the moment however we already have a full roster of 30 or so people, so there is no way we can fit in anyone else. Good luck in Legion and thanks again for applying!
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