Application warlock!!!! [DECLINED]

Application warlock!!!! [DECLINED]

Postby Xlock » 31 Jan 2017, 10:48

Character name: Xlock-Neptulon

Class/Race: Warlock destruction. Human.

Armory link: ... k/advanced

My char is lacking proper trinkets. sry about that i was a bit unlucky. My weapon has 52 traits.

Do you have a Mic and Vent?:

i do have a mic and i can use any voice chat the guild is using.

Do you have a stable connection and computer?
Yes i do. my connection is quite stable and i got less than 90 ms usually. My computer is an 8core amd with 8gb ram and my gpu is an r9 380 radeon with 4 gb gddr5 ram.

Real name: Giannis

Age: 32

Some information regarding yourself:
I'm a currently unemployed computer service technician. I'm a team person i like doing stuff with my friends outside the game and also playing with friends in the game. I like watching football. I'm enthusiastic and like meeting new ppl.

Reason why you apply:

I'm curently guildless i had my fair time playing wow and progressing through legion but its time to find something more competitive and move on. I left my last guild because some new rules aplied by a person that was about to leave the guild and in an instant he became officer and things started to change. I want to continue raiding. I'm locking for a friendly invironment and progress.

Raid experience:

Vanilla WoW: No experience

TBC: Raided Karazhan, grull and cleared them then i killed some bosses in ssc and Tk.

Wotlk: cleared all content

Cataclysm: Cleared all content

Mop: Mostly lfr and flex raids. i did all the content but my guild back in the day was disbanded i managed to clear siege of ogrimar in normal.
all the abive was on my druid Char named DIavolakos

As a warlock i progressed:
Warlords of Draenor: highmaul hc and mythic clear. brf mythic. Hfc 12/13 mythic cleared all content in hc.

Legion: 7/7 mythic emerald nightmare 2/3 mythic tov. curently i got 9/10 hc on nighthold.

Guild history:

Vanilla: a number of lvling guilds i don't need to mention.

Tbc, wotlk, cataclysm, mop: i was a member of broken a guild wich raided casually i managed to become an officer there during wrath and even lead some 10 man raids. reason i left? The guild disbanded practically and other officers and the leader stoped playing.

Warlords of draenor: i was a member of paranoia a greek guild with my druid i progressed with them hc highmaul and cleared it and also had progress with them on brf. they also stoped playing so i searched for a new guild and a friend of mine talked to me about death and glory. i reroled to warlock in order to help the guild i liked the char so i sticked with it. i progressed with them all hfc in hc and 12/13 mythic i laso cleared with them brf and highmaul mythic.

Legion: Still a member of death and glory we managed to clear hc EN and Tov and killed 7/7 mythic en and 2/3 tov mythic. Curent progress in nighthold 9/10 hc. i left.

Raiding times: i can raid all the evenings i can scedule things in real life acording to may raiding days. only miss raids in exceptional ocasions such as holiday and birthday.

Why should we take you in?:

I'm a commited player with high attendance. i'm helpfull and i always try for ways to excecute the tactics while doing dmg the best way possible. I'm a player wich always try to improve. I'm friendly and always prepaired gearwise and with lots of consumables etc. I always have retalent tomes on me in order to adapt to all fights.

Are you applying at another guild? if so, which one?

No i'm not applying anywhere else i want to see how that goes. I'll probably apply somewhere else if i don't make it.

What is your Dual Spec? And do you have gear for it to be Raid viable?

My second specc is demo i have 35 traits in the weapon there and i'm also looking to get some gear for affli. curently my best spec due to legendaries is destro and i'm looking to get legendaries in demo since it has the same statprio as destro so i do have gear to back it up. when i'm done with destro traits i'll go for demo. i got all i need as a destro to legendaries so i switched to demo loot table in order to backup my demospec and to get the wrists wich are bis in all specs. i got nythendra plaguehive trinket 880 and chrono shard 865 to back up my demo spec. all other gear remains unchanged.

Please provide us with a screenshot of your UI, while in a raid situation. Also tell us about your keybinds:

The keybindings i use are 1-6 for dps rotation Shift+1-5 for cds and soulstone. q for life tap e for chanel demonfire f for rain of fire and shift+f for stun aoe or for burning rush wichever is more usefull in a fight. i'm considering in havin a new keybind for burning rush. i use z,x,c for cc fear and enslave demon. the mouse is for movement purposes only and a,d are for strafe.

And last; what is your professional opinion on Gnomes?:
i found this funny so i wanted to answer it :P i like gnomes and i was considering becoming one. i got an alt gnome and its fun!!!
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Re: Application warlock!!!!

Postby Zackie » 31 Jan 2017, 14:09

Hey and thanks for applying, we'll try get back to you with an answer tomorrow.
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Re: Application warlock!!!!

Postby Xlock » 31 Jan 2017, 14:20

Ty very much. I'll be w8ing :)
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Re: Application warlock!!!!

Postby Xlock » 01 Feb 2017, 23:07

sry i forgot to give a link on logs: i hope this helps its from EN mythic mostly you are free to browse and see my ranking in Nighthold hc but the group was huge 25-30 ppl so it was difficult to stand and do tacts and get rankings so if possible don't consider it.

Logs link: ... 919526/10/
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Re: Application warlock!!!!

Postby Buttrik » 01 Feb 2017, 23:56

Hi and thank you for applying. Unfortunately we don't have any free raiding spots at the moment so we have to decline your application. Good luck in Nighthold and beyond!
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