Application: Xlock Human Warlock Destruction Dps [Declined]

Application: Xlock Human Warlock Destruction Dps [Declined]

Postby Xlock » 02 Mar 2017, 16:24

Character name: Xlock - Neptulon
Race and Class: Human Warlock
Main spec and role: Destruction Dps
Dualspec: Affli-Demo

Armory Link: Xlock

Real name: Giannis
Age: 32
Info about you:
I'm a patient cheerfull person that likes hanging out with friends ingame and irl. I enjoy drinking with friends playing soccer and watching soccer as well. I do enjoy good jokes and i make jokes whenn i'm in the mood.

Why are you applying:
My previus guild stopped raiding yesterday and i want to try again applying to Nephilim its the oldes guild in the server and i know they are a really active guild. Also a friend of mine is playing with you guys Aerelian! I'm looking for a friendly invironment and progress.

How did you hear about us:
I watched you on wowprogress and i've been watching the progress made by all guilds at the server.

Why should we take u in:
I'm a helpfull player always helping ppl when needed. I try to improve in every single raid and i'm always prepaired you won't be hearing from me i don't have consumables or don't know the fight. I studdy alot on my class and try to use the best gear talent combo on every single fight.

Working Ventrillo and Mic: yes
Average FPS in Raids: 60+
Computer specs:
My computer is an 8core amd with 8gb ram and my gpu is an r9 380 radeon with 4 gb gddr5 ram.

Raiding experience in WoW:
- Vanilla -
No experience

- The Burning Crusade -
Raided Karazhan, grull and cleared them then i killed some bosses in ssc and Tk.

- Wrath of the Lich King -
cleared all content except from arthas cause i was doing my service in the army by the time my guild killed him. I also managed to do all the hardmodes in ulduar and got the dragon.

- Cataclysm -
Cleared all content

- Mist of Pandaria -
Mostly lfr and flex raids. i did all the content but my guild back in the day was disbanded i managed to clear siege of ogrimar in normal.
all the above was on my druid Char named Diavolakos-Neptulon

- Warlords of Draenor -
highmaul hc and mythic clear. brf mythic. Hfc 12/13 mythic cleared all content in hc.

Guild history:
I was a member of resurgence a guild with nice progress but we stopped raiding on wednesday so i'm looking for a guild to continue progress i managed to kill 4/10 with them alluriel being the 4th boss.

Special Roles in raids:
As a warlock the special roles that was assighned to me was to place portals in Tyrant mythic fights (i was the only warlock back then on the guild i was in) and stuning the entangling adds on mythic botanist progress in resurgence during all the first phase and rotating on the othr phases during the encounder with other players.

Key bindings and rotation:
The keybindings i use are 1-6 for dps rotation Shift+1-5 for cds and soulstone. q for life tap e for chanel demonfire f for rain of fire and shift+f for burning rush. i use z,x,c for cc (stun) fear and enslave demon. the mouse is for movement purposes only and a,d are for strafe.

Screenshot of UI or Video ingame:

I have managed to become an officer on Broken my guild in wotlk and i was an officer there until my guild disbanded during Mop.

Opinion on gnomes:
Gnomes are awesome i like them!!!!

Opinion on Danes:
I met some cool ppl that where from Denmark they are ok.
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Re: Application: Xlock Human Warlock Destruction Dps - Neptu

Postby Zackie » 02 Mar 2017, 23:28

Hey, unfortunately we're only looking for a ranged dps with exceptional logs and experience so we decided to decline your application.

GL in finding a guild.
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