Application: inkishthree Nightelf Female Havoc - Darksorrow

Application: inkishthree Nightelf Female Havoc - Darksorrow

Postby inkhaan » 24 Apr 2017, 16:27

Character name: inkishthree - Darksorrow
Race and Class: Nightelf Female
Main spec and role: Havoc

Armory Link: inkishthree

Real name: Mattias Olsson
Age: 25
Info about you:
My name is mattias im from northern part of Sweden i work as a cab driver but for the moment im only working 25% since im currently recovering from a serious fall accident that happend 1.5 year ago. otherthen that im a true gamer been playing wow on and off since vanilla i never do anything than my absoulte best at every raid im and easy and friendly player to be around.

Why are you applying:
I'm doing my final effort to stay on ds since ive been here forever and i dont wanna leave this server just yet :D and i found dpsing was alot of fun so i wanted to give that a go for real in tomb of sarageras

How did you hear about us:
Found you on Wowprogress

Why should we take u in:
Im a person who cant play a game without doing everthing as try hard and good as i can i would be fully prepared to every raid with all things needed for it inc knowing tactics for every boss. i will also have my char up to date inc the Level on wep.

Working Ventrillo and Mic: yes
Average FPS in Raids: 60+
Computer specs:

Raiding experience in WoW:
- Vanilla -
Cleard up to naxxramas only did one boss in there before tbc lanuched was playing on a troll Mage at the time was not very old at the point and it was more of a fun time

- The Burning Crusade -
Cleared everything except SWP i had taken a break at that time

- Wrath of the Lich King -
I was in a guild named Chuck and boogieman inc on darksorrow i cleared everything but in icc the guild dispanded so it took awhile for me to clear icc. here is the time i was most active. we managed to get immortal as the first guild if my memory isnt all banged up. atleast second guild todo it on ds.

- Cataclysm -
Here is where my hype for the game started to shift i did play from the realease but i soon only did pvp and then quit have nothing rly from cata

- Mist of Pandaria -
Same here i played on realease but was not enjoying this game anymore so only cleared som stuff nothing special

- Warlords of Draenor -
Played disc during highmaul and brf only cleared some bosses on mythic in brf before i stopped once again.

Guild history:
Chuck and boogieman Inc Guild dispand Was during WOTLK i played in this guild
In Wod i played in Salvation Army if i remembered correctly
I cant recall any other guild names and my memory is meh but none where any guilds that pushed to clear content amongst the first people
Amen and semantics this expansion both guilds did dispand:/ have done 5/10 mythic in nighthold and got botanist to last phase before the guild ended

Special Roles in raids:
Played Mage in vanilla and tbc also pvped on a priest.
During wotlk and wod i played priest either holy or disc.

Key bindings and rotation:

Screenshot of UI or Video ingame:

As i played most of the start as a healer this expansion i havent rly raided on dh yet and my logs are not rly showing anything special i did log lfr once and then some normal and hc but since i only pugged the peformance dosnt rly reflect but give me a chance to prove myself and i will hopefully be a benefit to the guild.

got some logs from my shaman i played on before 7.2 ... metric=hps if thats matters also have priest logs somewhere but most seem to have vanished

Opinion on gnomes:
Well i think gnomes are awesome more gnomes? xD

Opinion on Danes:
Not as vikings as swedes but cant say anything bad about the neighbours
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Re: Application: inkishthree Nightelf Female Havoc[Declined]

Postby Zackie » 27 Apr 2017, 00:07

Hello and thanks for applying.

Unfortunately, our roster is quite full at the moment and we would only make an exception for an exceptional applicant that would help us on Gul'dan prog straight away. Hence, we decided to decline your application.

Good luck with finding a guild.
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